Design and Construction – The Permitting Process –

Massachusetts State Agencies – list compiled by

Permitting & Impact Studies – Cullinan Engineering Co., Inc. offers permitting and project impact studies for real estate development.

Permitting – Massachusetts Office of Business Development
(800) 5-CAPITAL / (617) 973-8600



Pollution Control – Miscellaneous –

Earth 911 – recycling center-finder, information about recycling, hazardous waste, air pollution prevention, composting, more.

Protecting Water from Non-Point Source Pollution – Sources and effects of water pollution, links to local organizations in U.S. states.

Toxics Use Reduction Institute – Massachusetts-based organization supporting reduction in toxic chemical use in industry and communitites. Site includes community projects, chemistry information and research, education and training resources.




Energy Efficient Appliances

ENERGY STAR – efficiency rating systems for appliances and buildings. Listings of approved products, including appliances, consumer electronics, office equipment, heating and cooling systems, lighting and more.

Top-Rated Appliances – list from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. Includes refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, air conditioners, furnaces, and more.

Appliance Calculators – tools from the Pacific Gas and Electric Company for help calculating your energy savings with new appliances.

Appliances available from Eco-$mart Homes and Buildings Program, a program providing a number of services to facilitate sustainable living.




Miscellaneous Design and Construction

Residential Environmental Design – articles on building materials, book reviews, renewable energy resources, construction methods, ways to conserve energy at home.

Whole Building Design Guide – Design techniques and technologies for architects and designers

WorldBuild – consulting service offering building design, financing help and planning for projects, as well as green building strategies, research, and resources for builders and designers.




Waste Disposal and Recycling – Local Organizations –

Chelsea Center for Recycling and Economic Development – offers programs for manufacturers who wish to use recovered materials.

Massachusetts DEP Recycling home page – guidelines for home and business waste reduction, hazardous products information, composting, regulations and policies.

Northeast Recycling Council – promotes the benefits of recycling and reuse in the northeastern United States. Projects, links to recycling and composting regulations.

WasteCap of Massachusetts – a non-profit, public/private partnership working with the business community to develop and implement cost-effective recycling, buy recycled, reuse, and waste reduction programs.




Miscellaneous Alternative Energy

Green-e – Renewable Electricity Certification Program administered by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions. Its goal is to help consumers find environmentally sensitive energy providers in their areas and ensure that providers are providing the type of energy they claim.

Real Goods – “Products for an Ecologically Sustainable Future” – power production, distribution and storage, appliances, heating, cooling and lighting, more.

Plug Power — Fuel cells for home electricity generation. Based in NY.

ClearSolar — many solar-powered products for the home user.

Renewable Technologies — designs, engineers, installs, and services energy systems including fuel cells, wind turbines, solar, thermal. Based in California.