Sustainability Indicators

Values, Metrics, & Indicators

  • Values are the things we care about, the things that should be taken into account when evaluating alternatives. For example, in many decision situations people care about costs.
  • An objective indicates a direction in which we strive to do better. For example, one objective may be to minimize costs.
  • A fundamental objective or value is something we care about for its own sake – it is an end, not a means.
  • A means objective is something that will help us achieve our fundamental objective.
  • A metric is how we measure an objective. For example, costs may be measured in discounted dollars or annual dollars.


Latest Local report on Indicators, by Sandhya Sundararagavan
[as a link]
Sustainability Indicators 2010 report

Active Indicators Display (shows relationship between indicators)

Sustainability Indicators papers and presentations

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Selecting Indicators

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