Skills Bank

The skills bank is a searchable database of available resources available in the Pioneer Valley for Sustainable projects.

The PVSN is collecting local references and categorizing by appropriate skills categories.
Contact the webmaster for entry form to be added to the database.

The current state of the project is to collect entries of anyone in the sustainability field in the Pioneer Valley.

You can still help develop the skill categories and you are welcome to add to the categories in the
Skills Survey

Please email to “PVPC” <Adover@PVPC.ORG>

Guiding Principles of the Pioneer Valley Sustainability Network

Guiding Principles

PVSN’s members share a vision of a future for the Pioneer Valley that will be

worth the struggle in the difficult years that we all know lie ahead.  In this future,

diversity is cherished and protected within the human community and beyond.

The inhabitants of the Valley’s cities, towns and countryside enjoy access to the

clean air, the water, the food and the human support fundamental to good physical

and mental health.  They possess the information and the skills needed to meet the

challenges of their day, and their communities are able to control many of the

important decisions that affect their daily lives.  The health, diversity and population

levels of plants, animals and other life forms, both domesticated and wild, are treated

as a sacred trust.

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Mission of Pioneer Valley Sustainability Network


PVSN is a broad-based network of organizations and individuals who are

dedicated to creating a just and sustainable future for the Pioneer Valley region.

Our members include a broad community of sustainability activists and

professionals working together to create a flexible and effective regional model

for actively advancing sustainability in the Pioneer Valley, which can be applied

in other regions of the country.


Our mission is to strengthen our members’ ability to pursue

sustainability and environmental equity effectively by:

  • information and idea exchange
  • collaborative approaches to problem solving and visionary thinking
  • giving members the tools they need to integrate sustainable practices and

scientific information into both regional and community decision-making.

July 15, 2009

Pioneer Valley Sustainability Network Meeting 7/15/09 notes

Present: Tony Dover-PVPC, Catherine Miller-PVPC, Nancy Hazard-Greening Greenfield and World Sustain, Garth Shaneyfelt- GGEC, Eric Weiss-Hilltown Resource Management Collaborative, Pattrick Dufour, Rich Roth-Tnr Global, Kirsten Bonanza- Earthrives, Rose Zdybel-UMASS, Jeff Brown-Ridebuzz, Paul Lipke- Health Care Without Harm, Stacy Metzger- FRCOG, Larry Ely-PV Relocation Project, Pam Howland-Partners for Greener Buildings, Andrew Glace- Long Island Energy Partners, Tina Clarke- Towns, Joanne Sunshower- Shutesbury

Organizing Documents:
Mission Statement, Guiding Principles, Current Initiatives, and Network Structure:

Reviewed / comments & discussion / edits made to document text and finalized.

View the final document here.

Network Business:

Established fiscal year date – July 1st

Elected position – Chair -Eric Weiss willing to stay another year.

Review/ Discuss proposed budget and PVPC staff work plan for July 2009 – June 2010.

Network annual budget needs – the general consensus – approved.


  • PVSN calendar of events will be distributed in newsletter only, the website calendar will be replaced with links to Earthrives and CET online calendar of events
  • Meeting frequency- could reduce number of meetings to cut costs- members decided meetings/networking one of the most important elements of PVSN. Keep meetings to bi-monthly- 2nd Wednesday of the month. Meeting location on a repeated rotation – Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire.
    • Next meeting in Hampden County September 9th
  • Last hour of meeting should be skills presentation, we could open up to public
  • Working groups could prepare a presentation for the agenda

Tasks for this Year

Develop Member Skills Bank

  • Develop member skills inventory for outreach, education, promoting network, etc.


  • Rich Roth has a skills bank database and PVPC has created a preliminary inventory survey format. Rich’s format can be seen at
  • Need to compile a list of skills- Tony will email out a list of skills that members should add to.
  • Keep focus on mission statement

Fall Event

  • Cocktail party/dinner with a recognized “big thinker” on sustainability issues. Possible invitees are –Elizabeth Kolbert; Ross Gelbspan; William Moomaw; Woody Tash.
  • Members will have to pay to attend event.
  • Possible dates- late September or early October
  • Raise individual member price $5.00 to fund cost of offering sponsorship to members that can afford to pay.
  • Some members recommended the fall retreat should include time to “fill up” and relax, a deeper experience than suggested.

Speaker Bureau/Lecture Series:

  • Wait on speaker series until skills bank populated

Spring Sustainability Event:

  • Coordinate with members and Co-op Power’s Sustainable Energy Summit. Co-sponsorship and active participation.
  • Sub-Committee created to determine criteria for co-sponsorship and benefits of co-sponsoring Sustainable Energy Summit and/or Bioneers. Members of subcommittee- Catherine (lead), Kirsten, Eric, Tina, Patrick, and Pam.
    • If members have a suggested criteria to be considered – contact Catherine Miller at


  • Members discussed about what we put our name on/sponsor

Other items:

Member suggested collaborating with Rob Hopkins of Transition Towns to come up with a useful community tool using PVSN indicators.

Bioneers 2009 conference will be telecast October 15-19 in New Bedford and sponsors are looking to host in Western MA. This could be an opportunity for the network.

Next Meeting September 9, 2009 in Hampden County