EECBG proposal for W MA

Hi all: Thanks for your efforts to develop our competitive proposal to the Feds for $5 million dollars to do more energy efficiency and conservation in western Mass.

Attached is my first very drafty effort.

The directions from the Feds are in italics. Eventually we can delete them from the proposal and they won’t count against our 10 page limit.

Right now I am suggesting we apply for Topic 2. We can apply for both topics—I suggest you all make time between now and 9 am on Monday to thoroughly read the 72 page funding opportunity announcement found at:

And I am NOT kidding.

We have a lot of work to do and PLENTY of time to get it done!

If you can’t make the meeting, and I have already heard from a bunch of people who say they cannot make it, no problem—we will assign you tons of work to do. Just kidding—want to make sure you are actually reading this note. Send me your thoughts and ideas and I will share them with the group—or reply all and send them to everyone.

Have a nice productive weekend. And feel free to invite people to our meetings who can make our grant proposal better.


Catherine M. Ratté
Principal Planner-Sustainability
Pioneer Valley Planning Commission

street address:
60 Congress Street

Springfield, MA 01104-3419