Alternative Energy – Hydropower –

Small Hydropower Systems – fact sheet from the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Learn if your site is suitable for a small hydropower system.

374’s Electric Power Corporation
* Product types: hydro energy system components (small), ocean surf energy systems, Research and Development of surf hydroelectric turbine.
* Service types: engineering, project development services
* Address: 1256 Park Street – Suite 104, Stoughton, Massachusetts USA 02072
* Telephone: 781 297-7715
* FAX: 781 297-9295

O’Connell Energy Group
* Business type: manufacturer, service
* Product types: Small hydro powered electric generators, hydro energy controls.
* Service types: system installation
* Address: 57 Suffolk Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts USA 01040
* Telephone: 413-534-4660
* FAX: 413-536-4911


Water Supply – Miscellaneous –

Ecological Engineering Group – water-reuse systems, water and energy conservation, septic system alternatives, landscape design

Smart Communities Network: Water Efficiency – U.S. Department of Energy resource. Assistance programs, information for water conservation and pollution prevention, educational materials, codes and ordinances.



Alternative Energy Providers

Green Tags – Sells renewable energy certificates, supporting the production of renewable energy in the Western region of the United States.

New Wind Energy – offering service in New York and the Mid-Atlantic region.

Renewable Choice Energy – provides wind power sold as renewable energy certificates.

Sterling Planet – energy from renewable sources sold as renewable energy certificates.

Sun Power Electric – Sun Power Electric builds and operates solar power plants in the northeastern United States.



Alternative Energy – Vehicles –

Fleets & Fuels – “Business Intelligence on Alternative Technology Vehicles” – newsletter for businesses using alternative-energy vehicles in their fleets

Greasecar — convert your diesel automobile to run on vegetable oil

Vehicle Buyers Guide for Consumers – assistance in locating vehicle dealers, alternative fuel sources and filling stations, technology information.

CALSTART: Advanced Transportation Website – a non-profit organization, dedicated to the creation of an advanced transportation technologies industry and related markets.

DOER Vehicle Alternative Fuel Programs – Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources (DOER) guides and programs.

Veggie Van, Biodiesel, and Vegetable Oil Fuel – Information about making and using biodiesel. Discussion forums and the adventures of the Veggie Van, a biodiesel-fueled vehicle.



Pollution Control – Local Organizations –

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection – publications, programs, recycling information, links to many environmental protection and reclamation topics including state regulations.

Massachusetts Water Pollution Control Organization – downloadable certification applications, training and job information.