Consumer Information

OPT Consumer: Buying Clean Electricity — DOE Office of Power Technologies guide to buying clean electricity.

OPT Consumer: Making Your Own Clean Electricity — DOE Office of Power Technologies guide to making clean electricity at home.

DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy — has a good amount of info about alternative energy and energy efficiency. — information to help in choosing the greenest conventional cars. Buyer’s guide, news and articles, answers to frequently asked questions.

Smart Communities Network — U.S. Department of Energy sustainable development information. Includes a range of topics, with definitions and principles, success stories, regulations, articles, and educational materials relating to sustainable development.

Sustainable Communities Network — links to sustainability and smart growth resources. News about sustainable community projects, resources for a variety of sustainablility issues. — a network of communities, organizations and individuals promoting sustainable development. Site gathers resources on topics ranging from household tips to organizing action teams. – energy saving tips, factsheets, news, software tools.

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