September 12, 2007 Meeting Agenda

Energy, Water, and Land Use: A Framework for Incorporating Scientific Information into Sustainability Planning             

University of Massachusetts Amherst
Pioneer Valley Planning Commission

Pioneer Valley Sustainability Network
Meeting #2
Wednesday, September 12th 2007
Amherst Town Hall
2nd Floor Town Room


8:00    Networking with Coffee and Treats    All
8:30    Introductions/Formal Networking        All
9:00    Project Update                Professor Rick Taupier, The Environmental Institute
9:15    Guest Speaker Program Update         Catherine Miller, PVPC
9:30    Values Hierarchy-toward metrics        Professor Erin Baker, Industrial Engineering
10:30    PVsustain website            David Caputo, Positronic Design
10:40    Sustainability Art Contest        Patty Gambarini, PVPC
10:50    Network Mapping            Robert Rocheleau, PVPC/UMASS LARP
11:00    ADJOURN

Thank you very much for your willingness to participate actively in the formation of the Pioneer Valley Sustainability Network. We are extremely grateful for your time and energy.

Please contact Catherine Miller at  HYPERLINK “” or 413/781-6045 if you have any questions about the project, the meeting or anything else.

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