July 15, 2009

Pioneer Valley Sustainability Network Meeting 7/15/09 notes

Present: Tony Dover-PVPC, Catherine Miller-PVPC, Nancy Hazard-Greening Greenfield and World Sustain, Garth Shaneyfelt- GGEC, Eric Weiss-Hilltown Resource Management Collaborative, Pattrick Dufour, Rich Roth-Tnr Global, Kirsten Bonanza- Earthrives, Rose Zdybel-UMASS, Jeff Brown-Ridebuzz, Paul Lipke- Health Care Without Harm, Stacy Metzger- FRCOG, Larry Ely-PV Relocation Project, Pam Howland-Partners for Greener Buildings, Andrew Glace- Long Island Energy Partners, Tina Clarke- 350.org/Transition Towns, Joanne Sunshower- Shutesbury

Organizing Documents:
Mission Statement, Guiding Principles, Current Initiatives, and Network Structure:

Reviewed / comments & discussion / edits made to document text and finalized.

View the final document here.

Network Business:

Established fiscal year date – July 1st

Elected position – Chair -Eric Weiss willing to stay another year.

Review/ Discuss proposed budget and PVPC staff work plan for July 2009 – June 2010.

Network annual budget needs – the general consensus – approved.


  • PVSN calendar of events will be distributed in newsletter only, the website calendar will be replaced with links to Earthrives and CET online calendar of events
  • Meeting frequency- could reduce number of meetings to cut costs- members decided meetings/networking one of the most important elements of PVSN. Keep meetings to bi-monthly- 2nd Wednesday of the month. Meeting location on a repeated rotation – Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire.
    • Next meeting in Hampden County September 9th
  • Last hour of meeting should be skills presentation, we could open up to public
  • Working groups could prepare a presentation for the agenda

Tasks for this Year

Develop Member Skills Bank

  • Develop member skills inventory for outreach, education, promoting network, etc.


  • Rich Roth has a skills bank database and PVPC has created a preliminary inventory survey format. Rich’s format can be seen at www.hidden-tech.net
  • Need to compile a list of skills- Tony will email out a list of skills that members should add to.
  • Keep focus on mission statement

Fall Event

  • Cocktail party/dinner with a recognized “big thinker” on sustainability issues. Possible invitees are –Elizabeth Kolbert; Ross Gelbspan; William Moomaw; Woody Tash.
  • Members will have to pay to attend event.
  • Possible dates- late September or early October
  • Raise individual member price $5.00 to fund cost of offering sponsorship to members that can afford to pay.
  • Some members recommended the fall retreat should include time to “fill up” and relax, a deeper experience than suggested.

Speaker Bureau/Lecture Series:

  • Wait on speaker series until skills bank populated

Spring Sustainability Event:

  • Coordinate with members and Co-op Power’s Sustainable Energy Summit. Co-sponsorship and active participation.
  • Sub-Committee created to determine criteria for co-sponsorship and benefits of co-sponsoring Sustainable Energy Summit and/or Bioneers. Members of subcommittee- Catherine (lead), Kirsten, Eric, Tina, Patrick, and Pam.
    • If members have a suggested criteria to be considered – contact Catherine Miller at cmiller@pvpc.org


  • Members discussed about what we put our name on/sponsor

Other items:

Member suggested collaborating with Rob Hopkins of Transition Towns to come up with a useful community tool using PVSN indicators.

Bioneers 2009 conference will be telecast October 15-19 in New Bedford and sponsors are looking to host in Western MA. This could be an opportunity for the network.

Next Meeting September 9, 2009 in Hampden County

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